We are a 501(c)3 non-profit farmed animal sanctuary. Along with our endearing rescued resident ambassadors, we are “Changing Hearts on Behalf of Animals Everywhere”.

MISSION: To combat the systemic damage and dangers of animal agriculture with education and rescue programs that spare sentient beings from their suffering and save human and animal lives.

VISION: A future where the deserving nature and intrinsic worth of all animals is recognized and respected.

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Meet the Founders

Rick and Carolyn Solan found a passion for saving lives through their journey toward veganism.

Obese and taking pills to control his high blood pressure and cholesterol, Rick’s diagnosis with heart disease in 2011 was the prelude for a new way of life.

The start of this new healthier and more compassionate way of living happened by chance when he and Carolyn watched the documentary Forks Over Knives.

After becoming vegan in 2011, Rick and Carolyn began regularly donating to and volunteering at farm sanctuaries.

Rick was later appointed as Vice President of the board at Full Circle Farm Sanctuary in Warm Springs, Georgia. Following his time of service, Rick felt compelled to start a sanctuary in his home state of North Carolina.

It was Carolyn who found the diamond in the rough that was destined to become Changing Hearts Farm…

Meet the Herd

Our animal ambassadors call Changing Hearts Farm Sanctuary home because their very lives were in danger.

Thankfully, we were able to rescue them and their lives are filled with the freedom to run and play while receiving the love and care they deserve.

Volunteers, donors, and supporters are the lifeblood of CHF. Your contributions have a direct and lasting impact on helping us to achieve our vision of a future where the deserving nature and intrinsic worth of all animals everywhere are recognized and respected.

The rewards of this mission are not only priceless to the animals, they are invaluable to the vital members of our extended family, like YOU.


As a volunteer you are signing up for some of the most rewarding moments of your life. We need your help to acheive our MISSION of Changing Hearts of Behalf of Animal Everywhere!



As an all-volunteer non-profit, Changing Hearts Farm Sanctuary  relies on donations to fund daily operations and care for our residents


Explore Veganism

Resources to help understand the burdens that our broken food system places on society, the environment, and innocent, defenseless animals.


We wish to express our deepest appreciation
for your support.

Your assistance is invaluable to our ability to save lives, sustain daily operations, and continue to inspire others with our message of compassion and respect for all animals.