$5 Fridays

Here’s how your vital $5 Fridays Club

contributions are helping!


Wellness and happy days for our rescued residents

Fresh hay, feed, produce and supplements sourced from top quality producers to promote the best of health.

Treats and toys to delight and entertain our precious rescued residents and provide them with enriched, full lives. 

Regular veterinary care, vaccinations, grooming, hoof trims, skin treatments and other measures for comfort and care.

On-going Outreach and Daily Operations

The chance for people to meet and connect with our animal ambassadors through weekly tours at no charge.

Providing an on-site pavillion and picnic area for events and activities to promote a deeper understanding of farmed animals.

Engaging the surrounding community and beyond with information and opportunities to make a difference for animals, people and the planet.

Critical medical care for intakes and emergencies

Three major surgeries for Sunshine the pig, who suffered from a life-threatening uterine prolapse after years of backyard breeding.

Life-saving intervention for Daffodil the sheep who, as a baby lamb, was attacked by dogs and left for dead.

Ongoing care and treatment for Stella Blue’s inoperable head wound, without which she would not have survived.

Interceding on behalf of Sir Van, a male dairy calf who was literally thrown away—in a dumpster—because his life was deemed worthless.

Just think…

For the cost of a weekly coffee drink or your favorite happy hour beverage (Rick is a connoisseur of craft beers 🙂 ) you can help us help many, many more!!