$5 Fridays

Your weekly contributions to $5 Fridays are helping to save lives by subsidizing the “Never Say No” medical fund.


These vital dollars strengthen our ability to provide critical interventions for animals in need—even if they are not destined to live at Changing Hearts Farm!

Examples of how this fund has been used include:

Three major surgeries for Sunshine the pig, who suffered from a life-threatening uterine prolapse after years of backyard breeding.

Life-saving intervention for Daffodil the sheep who, as a baby lamb, was attacked by dogs and left for dead.

Ongoing care and treatment for Stella Blue’s inoperable head wound, without which she would not have survived.

Interceding on behalf of Sir Van, a male dairy calf who was literally thrown away—in a dumpster—because his life was deemed worthless. Sadly, Sir Van did not survive. But we were able to see that he was shown some level of love and care before passing.

Rescuing Rosie the pig from certain slaughter and providing her with a surgical spay—essential for long-term wellness in female pigs. Rosie landed safely at our sister sanctuary, Miatri Mini-Sanctuary.

Saving Caesar the cow, who was raised as a pet, from being sent to auction when he was no longer young, cute, and convenient. Caesar found his forever home at Charlie’s Harmony Sanctuary & Farm.

Just think…

For the cost of a weekly coffee drink or your favorite happy hour beverage (Rick is a connoisseur of craft beers 🙂 ) you can help us help many, many more!!