About Us

Rick and Carolyn Solan found a passion for saving lives through their journey toward veganism.

Obese and taking pills to control his high blood pressure and cholesterol, Rick’s diagnosis with heart disease in 2011 was the prelude for a new way of life.

The start of this new healthier and more compassionate way of living happened by chance when he and Carolyn watched the documentary Forks Over Knives.

Inspired by the film, they converted to a fully plant-based diet and within 6 short months, Rick, no longer clinically obese, had returned to the same weight he’d been during his college years.

With a fresh sense of energy and free of prescription drugs, he completed the Miami Marathon in 2017. Achieving a feat that was unimaginable just a few short years before.

That same year, driven by their newfound empathy for non-human animals, Rick and Carolyn began construction on Changing Hearts Farm Sanctuary.

Fast forward to the present…

A pecan tree grove, formerly overgrown with brush, weeds, and poison ivy; with no roads, utilities, or fencing, has been transformed.

Those same 18 acres are now filled with beautiful, lush pastures to shelter and care for the rescued residents who call Changing Hearts Farm Sanctuary home.

And though much has been accomplished, there is work yet to be done…

At a time in life when most others are retired, Rick and Carolyn have taken a different path. They continue to work full-time at their Charlotte-based business to provide funding for the ongoing build-out of the grounds.

And, with the help of generous donors like you, they’re able to provide top-notch care for residents and continue working toward seeing their vision of compassion for all living beings come to life!

Their lives reflect complete dedication and commitment to a plant-based, environmentally friendly lifestyle for the animals, the planet, and their health.