Calf in the Cradle

Joey, the calf, landed in our hands as a result of twists of fate that we may never be able to fully explain. 

What is known to us is that Joey, a baby only mere weeks old, was found struggling to try and gain ground up an embankment of the river he had strayed into.

Two kayakers, who happened upon the scene, were kind-hearted and compassionate enough to see to his rescue from certain death. We may never know where he came from or how he wound up in his predicament, but we do know that no one stepped up to claim him, so we were permitted to facilitate his rescue.

Joey was very weak when brought into animal control. He was suffering from multiple wounds, along with an apparent eye infection. We were, fortunately, able to secure emergency admittance to a University Veterinary Medical Center and transported him after an initial intervention to stabilize his condition.

Joey spent two full weeks in confinement, receiving treatments and recovering from his injuries. Unfortunately, it turned out that he had been left permanently blinded by his ocular condition.

As we anxiously awaited Joey’s arrival at Changing Hearts Farm, we prepared an appropriate space for him, where he could fully regain his health and learn to live a full and free life.

Joey’s living area was carefully crafted to suit his special needs. His enclosure is free from hazards and designed to induce familiarity and comfort so that he will always feel protected and be out of harm’s way.

Although, there was a sadness about the fear and loneliness Joey must have felt in having been separated from his family and left in peril. We feel joy in being able to bring him his best life – in spite of his difficult start and his loss of sight.

Joey is indeed a special boy, and we are honored to include him in our family of rescues. 

We hope that Joey’s story evokes compassion and empathy for him and all creatures such as him who are just as capable as we are of experiencing fear, pain, pleasure, and desire. 

He deserves the best in life, and we exist to deliver that to him unequivocally!

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