Fall at the Farm Sanctuary

There is power in letting go and in the embrace of next steps forward into a new season.

We observe fall at the farm sanctuary against the colorful hues of painted skies, richly patterned leaves, and crisp cool air.

This glorious gap between summer and the long months of winter seems an apt moment to pause and reflect on what changes we have experienced here at CHF, and what lies ahead on the horizon of tomorrow. 

New Life and a Loss

Recently, our family of bovines grew by “plus one” when we welcomed Joey home. Joey was pulled from the banks of a local river – blinded by disease and injured from neglect.

These days Joey is healthy, happy, and adjusting to his home environment quite nicely. You can read the full story here.


Likewise, we added a new equine rescue; an ex-racehorse named “Song”. Having Song become a part of the family has brought us great joy – in spite of losing our sweet Stella.

Stella Blue was one of our original residents, who lived and thrived far longer with us than was ever expected. We are so honored to have been able to provide her endless amounts of love and care during her time at CHF. Learn more about Stella Blue here.


A Coming of Age and Healing along the Way

Over the past year, we have watched our dear Daffy grow into a sweet sheep full of personality and playfulness. And after their first full summer together, she and Buckey & Baker the goats are closer than ever.

It’s a sure bet that this trio of amigos has bonded for the long haul.

Rick & Carolyn and the happy trio

Of all our piggie family members, Sunshine has seen the most excitement in life recently. She spent three whole months living indoors at the University of Virginia Veterinary College in an attempt to finally put to rest a nagging condition that has so far failed to resolve.

She has been back home now for three weeks and all is well—fingers crossed! Read Sunshine’s story here.


A Sprinkle of Expansion

Currently, we are planning the upgrade of our bird compound in order to welcome additional avian residents.

The unfolding of this project is interwoven into our determination to leave a lasting impact on behalf of animals everywhere, for many years to come.

One day soon, we hope to be in the position to offer refuge to our very first rescued turkey residents—perhaps in time for the coming holidays!

New Bird Housing Coming Soon!

And on behalf of ALL of our precious rescued residents, preparations are underway for tucking into fall at the farm sanctuary and preparing for their increased needs in housing and feed during the impending cold weather…

More changes are on the way! 

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