Meet the Turkeys

Our resident resuced turkey hen, Berta, is a delight to spend time around!


She has her own unique personality with a strong cognitive ability and stellar communication skills.

In modern-day agriculture, these otherwise enchanting individuals are hyper-confined (even in “cage-free” settings) and lose all ability to express their natural tendencies such as dust bathing, sunning & preening themselves and roosting in trees at night.

The natural lifespan of a turkey is up to 10 years, with those who are bred for their meat, being slaughtered at a mere 5 months old.

Miss Berta

Our Berta was liberated from a cage so tiny that she could not even spread her wings or turn around.

Now she is living in the serenity of a safe space at our extension property, where her wellbeing is secured by our commitment to provide for her – in all ways and by all means – so that she is healthy, happy and FREE to be the bird she was born to be.

In turn, Berta keeps us endlessly entertained with her antics of bossing goats around, competing with pigs for snacks on the ground, and letting her opinion be known using her vast array of  cackles, calls and even purrs.

Berta is one of the lucky few who escaped the horror of being treated as a thing and killed for the flesh of her precious body. We are deeply honored to have her as a part of the Changing Hearts Farm family.


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