Meet the Chickens

Chickens are a delight to spend time around!

It quickly becomes apparent that they have strong cognitive abilities and communication skills. There is ample evidence to suggest that these birds are highly intelligent and capable of comprehending relationships and even anticipating the future.

Chickens’ unique personalities are usually reflected in their position in the “pecking order”: a complex social structure.

In modern-day agriculture, these otherwise enchanting individuals are hyper-confined (even in “cage-free” settings) and lose all ability to express their natural tendencies.

Their lives are cut short long before their natural life expectancy of 6-10 years, with chickens used for meat being slaughtered when just six to eight weeks old.

Julia Simon & Bella

Our flock of hens—Anastasia, Bella, Adeline, Julia Simon, & Abigail—was liberated from what had otherwise been billed as a humane meat farm.

These ladies, like all birds bred for meat, were genetically manipulated. This genetic manipulation causes them to become grotesquely large in a very short period.

Understandably, this creates undue demands on their bodies, often rendering them unable to walk or even support their weight—to the point that their legs break.

Their organs and systems become so stressed that they cannot handle the demands put upon them.

Their life span was never intended to be more than 10-weeks (yes, ten-week-old babies, still peeping!). So, when rescued, these birds require extremely special care to keep alive and healthy.

But with careful feeding and monitoring for conditions of deterioration or illness, they can lead much longer, happier lives in the haven of a loving sanctuary. And that is what they have found here with us.

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