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Have you ever met a cow or a pig or a chicken up close?

The majority of people have not!
That is why we exist… to bridge this disconnection.

Every living being is an individual, but most of us have never had the chance to learn about or understand the animals that we’ve otherwise come to view as food or products.

Whether visiting online or in person, we hope that by getting to know our animal ambassadors you’re inspired to evaluate how our everyday choices can adversely affect these wonderful beings.

We encourage you to sign up to come and meet our endearing rescued residents.

Fair Warning:
Be prepared to be charmed and changed!

“Changing Hearts Farm Sanctuary is a small glimpse into what life could be like if every human valued animals the way they deserve. Getting to know the individuals at CHFS, both human and nonhuman, has been one of the great pleasures of my life. The individuals that dwell there are my friends and I am so blessed to know them. I think it would be hard for anyone to visit and not think of animals in a different light. I am so thankful for a place like this that amplifies the voices of animals and changes hearts and minds with their mission.”
– Trey Morrow

What to Expect

During your visit to Changing Hearts Farm Sanctuary

When you arrive at CHFS, you’re most likely to meet our big boys, Zeek and Zephyr, first.

These two often stand sentry in the upper pasture to ensure that everyone receives a proper greeting.

And believe it when we say—they are impossible to miss!

However, if they happen to be roaming elsewhere (which they’re free to do), you will still get a chance to mix and mingle with them while you are here.

And don’t be surprised if a 400-lb. pig meanders across your path on her way to…who knows where?

That would be Willow. If you don’t see her right off, you might try looking in one of her favorite places—which is just about anywhere belly rubs are being given out.

Soon after your arrival, you’re likely to encounter our resident goat duo, Buckey and Baker, and their pasture-mate, sweet Daffodil the sheep.

Buckey and Baker are always eager to have a close encounter with new arrivals and are quite adept at converting them into new best friends.

Daffy is a touch bashful, so don’t be surprised if she opts to hang back a bit.

From here on, you will be guided around the property to meet all the rescued residents, each of whom has their own unique character and special qualities.

At the end of your time on the farm, you can be sure to have some treasured memories to take away and perhaps share.

And we encourage you to invite friends and family to visit us, too!

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