Visiting Changing Hearts Farm

We here at Changing Hearts Farm hold as one of the most important parts of our mission, providing the opportunity for as many folks as possible to mix and mingle with the animals that most of us have otherwise been taught to view as food or products.

That is why a big part of our outreach involves inviting people from all over to visit us here on the sanctuary grounds. We make an effort to engage the local and extended community as well as planning for and one day providing tiny house accommodations so that those from near and far can come and stay for a spell—and really get to know the individuals who call Changing Hearts Farm home!

Take a moment now, if you will, to read the words of those who have made the journey here and shared their impressions with us. And we would like to take this opportunity to formally extend an invitation to YOU, dear friend, to visit us, too!

“Changing Hearts Farm is a small glimpse into what life could be like if every human valued animals the way they deserve. Getting to know the individuals at CHF, both human and nonhuman, has been one of the great pleasures of my life. The individuals that dwell there are my friends and I am so blessed to know them. I think it would be hard for anyone to visit and not think of animals in a different light. I am so thankful for a place like this that amplifies the voices of animals and changes hearts and minds with their mission.”

– Trey M.

A paradise for animals, and a great spot for people to connect and appreciate the sentience of beings.

– Kristen M.

This is an experience like no other! Highly recommend taking a tour or attending an event at this sanctuary for farm animals. Meet cows, pigs, chickens, and more up.

Close and personal. Learn about these sentient beings and celebrate their lives!

– Katie S.

No other name could be more appropriate. Changing hearts works around unconditional love, helping the animals in need and the humans open up their heart towards all living beings. My heart did change too thanks to this amazing refuge where I learned to never give up on humans and their capability to do well.

– Val L.

Amazing humans doing incredible things for animals, and the planet!  

– Lisa M.

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