A Day at the Sanctuary!

Welcome dear friend, to our premiere blog post. We are so glad you are here… and perhaps, if you live nearby, you might come to visit us in person!

If you don’t live within driving distance, fear not. Our shiny new website is designed so that you can get to know us and our rescued residents, almost as though you had taken a trip in person.

And you might want to stay tuned for progress reports on the build-out of our tiny house guest quarters—designed to welcome and lodge those who wish to visit from near and far!

Meanwhile, please read on to enjoy our corny poem ???? 

When you come to the farm, prepare to be charmed
By the beings who live here, safe from all harm.

There’s Zephyr and Zeek, the two Holstein cows
Who stand head and shoulders above every crowd

With pasture mates Rose and Cassy close by
who ramble the fields, under Carolina blue skies.

You’ll meet Buckey and Baker, our two puppy-goats.
And don’t be surprised, if you love them the most!

Along with these two, you’ll find Daffy the sheep
She’s so very sweet, if just a touch meek.

Greet Willow the pig, with best friend Sunshine
Whom each day together, have such a good time.

There’s little pig Willie and favorite pal Jimmy
Those boys are as close as two friends could be.

On we’ll proceed to meet with the horses
eager to greet, whatever the course is…

And let’s not forget our sweet flock of hens
You’ll spend time with them, before it all ends.

We hope you accept our invite to visit
Because you’re assured to never forget it!!

Thanks for sharing your time with us today. We hope you will sign-up to receive news and updates about events and activities at the sanctuary.

And that, perhaps one day, we can welcome you to the sanctuary for a visit for the day—or COMING IN 2022, a few days at our tiny guest house!

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