Cassidy’s Story

Cassidy was a mere five months old when he came to us, along with his mother Rosebud. He was part of a succession of calves who had been bred and born into a situation where they were viewed and used as commodities.

Those before him, Rosebud’s previous calves, had already been cycled through this homestead setting, where it was standard practice to use the female cow for reproduction and milk and to use the male claves, once a sufficient weight, for their flesh.

Cassidy was one of the lucky ones who managed to escape this cycle with his body and life still intact. Before he was surrendered to us, he came perilously close to the butcher’s blade. However, fate intervened and we were able to bring him to safety.

As with most people, we grew up without much of a thought about what lay behind our politely packaged food, having all been so conveniently sealed from our knowledge. Now that we know the awful truth, we, of course, find it impossible not to consider the “who” that lies behind the processes which bring meat, dairy, and other animal products to market.

Cassidy, like the others, is a “who” not a “what”. And he was and is someone’s baby whose body produced milk to feed and nurture him. Here at the sanctuary, Cassidy was allowed to continue nursing, rather than being separated from his mother so that others could receive his sustenance. That turned out to be a full nineteen months!

It was quite cold when Cassidy arrived at Changing Hearts Farm with his mother Rose. But we did everything within our power to provide them with the relief and care that they deserved. As it happened, they settled in almost immediately. Perhaps they sensed that they had found the ultimate in comfort and safety? We like to think so, anyway!

Nowadays, Cassidy is all grown up. And though he primarily still sticks close to “mommy”, he enjoys his independence and has developed quite the social personality.

Pardon us if we do say: Cassidy might well be deemed “Mr. Congeniality” of the sanctuary.

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